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Efficiency Enhancement and Entrepreneurship Development in Sustainable Biomass Charcoaling in Ghana

Pays de mise en œuvre

The project advocated sustainable forestry together with energy-efficient charcoal production. The project established 21 energy wood plantations (210 ha) to provide wood for seven charcoal kilns for the use of local entrepreneurs. The plants have corresponding plantations in close proximity, from which the biomass will be harvested for charcoal production. Each kiln consists of chamber wood retort of 4 integrated kilns, made of local bricks.

Mots clés
Ghana, charcoal, efficiency, wood, plantation, kiln, enterprise
Type d'initiatives
Programme ou projet
Sous-catégorie programme/projet
Amélioration des ressources / de l’approvisionnement, Amélioration de l'efficacité de conversion
Niveau d'intervention
Echelon local uniquement
Agences responsables
Pöyry Management Consulting Oy; Nature and Development Foundation; African Plantations for Sustainable Development (APSD, Ghana)