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Sustainable and Participatory Energy Management Project in Senegal (1997-2004)

Pays de mise en œuvre

The objective of the project is to meet an important part of the rapidly growing urban demand for household fuels, without the loss of forest cover and the ecosystem's carbon sequestration potential and biodiversity. The project has 3 components:

(1) implement and monitor environmentally sustainable community-managed forest resource systems (assessment of vegetation cover and dead wood, community-based forest management …);

(2) promote inter-fuel substitution and improved stoves initiatives (rural-based micro-enterprises and private sector, and NGOs…);

(3) strengthen the institutions involved in managing the sector and promote the participation of the civil society in operating the sector.

Mots clés
Senegal, wood energy, woodfuel, charcoal value chain, supply chain, household energy, urban household, improved stoves, massive production, cookstove, alternative energy, community forests
Type d'initiatives
Programme ou projet
Sous-catégorie programme/projet
Gouvernance efficace, Amélioration des ressources / de l’approvisionnement, Amélioration de l'efficacité de conversion, Utilisation efficace, Alternatives
Niveau d'intervention
Agences responsables
World Bank; Direction des Eaux et Forêts (National Water and Forest Directorate)
Organisme de financement
World Bank