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Developing Energy Enterprises Project in East Africa

Pays de mise en œuvre
Kenya, Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania

The Developing Energy Enterprises Project (DEEP) was designed to improve access to modern energy services through developing MSEs (micro and small enterprises) in the East Africa region, with a country focus including Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

DEEP supported local East African entrepreneurs working in renewable energy technologies, including improved cookstoves, biomass briquettes, solar PV products, biogas and the value chains around these businesses.

Mots clés
Energy access, enterprise development, improved cookstove, biomass briquetting, biogas, value chain, solar PV, East Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda
Type d'initiatives
Programme ou projet
Sous-catégorie programme/projet
Amélioration des ressources / de l’approvisionnement, Amélioration de l'efficacité de conversion, Utilisation efficace, Alternatives
Niveau d'intervention
Plusieurs pays
Agences responsables
GVEP International (currently the Energy 4 Impact)
Organisme de financement
European Union (EU); Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS)