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Rwanda Universal Energy Access Program (RUEAP)

Страны реализации

This program is a large, multi-donor energy sector investment financing program to support the Government of Rwanda’s energy access objectives during the period of the National Strategy for Transformation (2017-2024). It aims to improve access to energy and efficiency of energy service delivery to households, businesses, and public institutions in Rwanda. It aims at a total investment of US$ 471 million + EUR 180 million from development partners.

As part of the program, the Rwanda Energy Access and Quality Improvement Project (EAQIP, 2020-2026) has a component (3b, USD17+3 million) aiming at increasing access to clean cooking solutions for 2.15 million people (500,000 households) through results-based financing (RBF).

This component will support both urban and rural households, aiming at phasing out charcoal use in urban areas and reducing the reliance on firewood in rural areas.

Ключевые слова
Rwanda, energy access, investment, clean cooking, results-based financing (RBF), phasing out charcoal, firewood, electricity
Тип инициативы
Программы или Проекты
Подкатегория программы/проекта
Эффективное управление, Повышение эффективности преобразования, Эффективное использование
Уровень реализации инициативы
Ministry of Infrastructure (Rwanda); Clean Cooking Fund
Финансирующее агентство
World Bank; Agence Française de Développement (AFD); OPEC Fund for International Development; Saudi Fund for Development; African Development Bank; European Investment Bank; Clean Cooking Fund