Micro, small and medium-scale forest enterprises

Globally, many people living in rural areas forests depend on forests as direct sources of food, fuel, building materials, fodder and medicines. The products derived from the forests can also provide cash income.

FAO assists communities and individuals in developing income-generating tree and forest product enterprises. Having an income-generating forest enterprise can nurture a local forestry culture that contributes to sustainably managing and protecting the forests the enterprise is based upon.

Main activities

Enterprise development

FAO has developed a methodology and training package called Market Analysis and Development (MA&D) to help prospective entrepreneurs to identify, refine and realize their business goals. It is available in English, French, and Spanish, and has been used in many projects and contexts around the world. The MA&D package is periodically reviewed and updated.

FAO also facilitate training of trainers for enhancing small-scale forest enterprises based on MA&D processes.

Monitor, review and showcase the importance of small-scale enterprises

  • Develop knowledge and communications products to enhance understanding and knowledge about micro, small and medium-size forest enterprises.
  • Support the establishment and/or reinforcement of forest producer organizations for micro, small and medium-size forest enterprises (MSMFE).
  • Contribute to better functioning business development and financial services for MSMFEs
  • Coordinate with the Forest and Farm Facility, other Forestry Division projects, decentralized offices and other relevant divisions in FAO, promoting the livelihoods and income-generating aspects of forest restoration, UNREDD and FLEGT.




Small-scale forest enterprises in Latin America

Small-scale forest enterprise development in Nepal 

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