Capacity building activities

Due to rising environmental awareness, international conventions and globalisation of markets, most countries now want to manage their forests more sustainably than they have in the past. However, progress is hindered by a lack of suitable financing.


FAO, in close collaboration with the nfp-Facility and their partners (Tropenbos International, The Amazon Cooperation treaty Organization, IUCN, Wageningen International, CCAD), is supporting countries to increase the availability, accessibility, and effectiveness of forest financing through:

  1. Improving their understanding of financing mechanisms,
  2. Increasing their capacity to develop national forest financing strategies,
  3. Supporting strategy implementation and the design, implementation and betterment of innovative financing mechanisms, and
  4. Promoting knowledge exchanges within and across countries and regions.

Ongoing activities are being supported in Guatemala and El Salvador and planned in a number of other Latin American countries.


For further information, please contact:

[email protected]; Tel. +39-06-5705-4424

last updated:  Thursday, November 20, 2008