FAO's work on forest finance

Investments in sustainable forest management and forest-based value chains will have major climate and development benefits. These investments are critical to drive a transition towards a greener, healthier and more resilient future.

Public resources alone are not enough to achieve the SDGs. Therefore, attracting and leveraging private investments is critical. By lowering the risks and increasing the profitability of forest-based businesses, blended finance can be transformational for rural economies.

FAO supports producers, companies, governments, investors, service providers and consumers to develop innovative ways to make forest management and value chains more environmentally sustainable, fair to disadvantaged groups, and economically viable.


Access to finance for forest and farm producer organizations

E-learning course: Developing bankable business plans for sustainable forest-based enterprises 

Developing bankable business plans: A learning guide for forest producers and their organizations

last updated:  Tuesday, June 27, 2023