Glossaries for fire management

Working with partners, FAO has developed two thematic multi-lingual online glossaries relating to fire: fire management and incident command system.  Both glossaries contain terminology in English, French and Spanish.


The online systems were developed by the FAO Forest Resources Development Service, FORM, in cooperation with the FAO Language Support Group of CSCM, to provide a wider dissemination of terms and to allow for further developments in the future for content and languages. Developing the collection in other languages such as Arabic, Chinese and Russian is currently foreseen.

FAO pays particular attention to enhance language use and to standardize technical terminology for its meetings, documentation and publications. It also promotes standard best practices for terminology management and storage, facilitating growth, interoperability and exchange.

The glossaries will serve to facilitate multilingual communication and documentation in FAO's long-term objective of enhancing land use policy and  rural livelihoods, and of promoting economic resilience and environmental integrity for international cooperation on fire management and disaster response.

  • Fire management
  • Incident Command System


última actualización:  viernes 20 de enero de 2017