The African Forest Pest Management Network was formed in April 1995 during a workshop held in Muguga, Kenya. The network was formed because of the growing realization of the value of regional interactions and collaborations to control invasive species. The network aimed to cover invasive insects, diseases and weeds affecting forestry, with the three main objectives:

  • Reduce the damage to trees, forests, and forest products by pests to within economically, socially and environmentally acceptable levels
  • Contribute to effective and sustainable forest pest management
  • Work as a regional coordination mechanism for pest management

Following from this workshop, a second workshop was held in Nairobi in October 1996, to review progress in the management of important tree pests in the east, central and southern African region. From this meeting a charter was developed for the Tree Pest Management Network for Central, East and Southern Africa.

In December 2004 a meeting was held in Zomba, Malawi, following calls to revitalize the network formed in 1996. This led to the formation of the Forest Invasive Species Network for Africa (FISNA).

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