The Call to Action on Forest Education was a collective appeal from stakeholders around the globe, urging immediate action to strengthen forest education, capacity development and knowledge sharing worldwide.  It focuses on eight key actions that are needed to improve formal and informal forest education and training programmes around the world.

Forest education stakeholders and actors were invited to endorse the Call to Action.  They include, among others: policy makers, forest and environmental educators and students, non-governmental organizations, community-based and Indigenous People’s organizations, the private sector, and regional and international organizations. 

The Call to Action was the culmination of an eighteen-month effort by the Global Forest Education Project to assess the status and needs of forest education, training and knowledge. It was launched and opened for endorsement at the International Conference on Forest Education (held virtually, 22-24 June 2021). It does not represent a formally negotiated outcome, and its endorsement does not carry any legal obligations or financial commitment.

See the full text of the Call to Action here

Endorsement of the Call to Action does not carry any legal obligations or financial commitment.


last updated:  Friday, February 24, 2023