The Collaborative Partnership on Forests’ Joint Initiative on Forest Education: capacity building and knowledge sharing for sustainable forests

The Collaborative Partnership on Forests recognizes that forest education is key to building the knowledge, skills and shared values that underpin sustainable forest management. There is growing evidence, however, that forest education in many places around the world is not sufficiently preparing forest practitioners, professionals and workers more generally to address the challenges and respond to the opportunities facing this sector. This is putting at risk the ability of forests and trees to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and other forest-related goals and targets.  The Joint Initiative on Forest Education was developed to redress these weaknesses.

The Joint Initiative was launched at the International Conference on Forest Education which was held virtually from 22-24 June 2021.  This initiative will run at least through 2024. It is led by FAO, ITTO, IUFRO and CIFOR-ICRAF and is supported by the Secretariats of UNFF and UNFCCC.  The Initiative will work to rejuvenate forest education globally through undertaking key actions related to education, training and knowledge-sharing, including improving the use of traditional forest-related knowledge.  

For more information on the Joint Initiative, please refer to the related page on the Collaborative Partnership on Forests website.

last updated:  Friday, February 24, 2023