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Over the years the FRA programme has produced and published a number of Regional and Global Forest Resources Assessments. Extensive use of the world-wide web is made for easy and cost effective dissemination of the latest findings on a self service basis. On the current pages the bibliographic references to earlier Forest Resources Assessments and Proceedings from earlier FRA expert consultations are provided, where possible, along with the link to the digital version of the assessment / report.

The current pages also provide access to the FRA Programme Working Paper Series which reflects the activities and progress of the FRA Programme of FAO. The FRA Working Paper Series provides an important forum for the rapid release of preliminary findings needed for validation and to facilitate the final development of official quality-controlled publications. Working Papers are, however, not authoritative information sources and they do not reflect the official position of FAO and should not be used for official purposes. Should users find any errors in the documents or have comments for improving their quality, they should contact: [email protected]. See also:

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Natural Inquirer - The World's forests second edition!  

The second edition of “Natural Inquirer the World’s Forests” has recently been published.This second edition contains 5 inquiries, based on the results from the FAO Global Forest Resources Assessment 2010. At the end of each inquiry, students will find a few questions in the form of Reflection section, FACTivity, You do the Math and Did you know? These questions are not a test, but they are intended to help students think more about the topic of each inquiry and they can be used for class discussions. The journal also contains a section dedicated to educators which provides guidance for planning lessons and activities on each inquiry. The second edition of the Natural Inquirer, the World’s forests is only available in English. Please contact [email protected] in case you want to make a translation into a different language.

Natural Inquirer - The World's forests first edition
The Natural Inquirer is an integrated science education journal for students aged 11-14. In the United States where the journal was 1rst published, the Natural Inquirer presents research from scientists working in the United States Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service. This edition of the Natural Inquirer presents the results of a worldwide effort to understand the world’s forests, organized by FAO.To download pdf: EnglishChineseCzech, FrenchArabic, Spanish, Mongolian

The World's Mangroves 1980 - 2005

The World's Mangroves 1980 - 2005 provides comprehensive information on the current and past extent of mangroves in all countries and territories in which they exist. This information, as well as the gaps in information that come to light in the report, will assist mangrove managers and policy- and decision-makers worldwide in ensuring the conservation, management and sustainable use of the world's remaining mangrove ecosystems. (download pdf)

Vital Forest Graphics

The United Nations Environment Programme, the Food and Agriculture Organization and the United Nations Forum on Forests have joined efforts to analyse, synthesize and illustrate key topical forest issues to help communicate the value of forests to policy makers and the wider public in this publication called “ Vital Forest Graphics:” Authors from around the world provided text and case studies for this publication. All subscribers to the FRA 2010 Newsletter will receive a copy.See also UNEP website at: regret that it is currently only available in English.

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