Documents for reporting to FRA 2005

The National Reporting Tables for FRA 2005 constitutes the technical specification of the national reporting tables to be included in the standard country reporting for FRA 2005.

The Guidelines for country reporting contains guidelines for the National Correspondents on how to prepare the country reports to FRA 2005. It explains both the general methodology that should be applied and gives specific guidance for the completion of each of the 15 reporting tables.

The two documents together constitute the main reference documentation for the FRA 2005 reporting process and they should be considered as authoritative documents in this respect.

The documents are distributed as part of the communication process between the FAO, UNECE secretariat and all National Correspondents. They can be used in meetings and training at all levels aiming to build national capacity for assessment and reporting in general, and to improve country reports to FRA 2005 in particular.

Complete country reports for five countries will also be made available on the FRA 2005 website. These pilot reports may serve as examples for the National Correspondents on how the country report should be elaborated.

The documents mentioned above are part of a documentation package provided by FAO to the National Correspondents, which consists of the following set:

Specifications of National Reporting Tables (FRA Working Paper 81)(Modification to National Reporting Tables, 01/03/04) Guidelines for country reporting (FRA Working Paper 82)

  • Template for country reports
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    Note that the reporting documents for FRA 2005 are also available in the following languages:

    Specifications of National Reporting Tables
    Arabic English French Russian Spanish<br> 
    Guidelines for country reporting
    Arabic English French Russian Spanish 
    Terms and definitions
    Arabic English  Russian Spanish (pdf.)

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