Reference documents

The reference documents aim to facilitate the country reporting and improve the understanding on how to interpret the definitions, categories, and reporting requirements set out for FRA 2010. They can be used in meetings and training at all levels aimed at building national capacity for forest resources assessment and reporting in general.

Guidelines for Country Reporting to FRA 2010. Currently this document is available in:Arabic English French Spanish Russian 

The instructions given in the guidelines should be read carefully. They provide detailed general instruction on how to fill in the National Reporting Tables and they also contain direction on how to handle particular cases related to specific tables. The guidelines aim at facilitating reporting and improving the understanding on how to interpret the definitions and categories set out in the document “Specification of National Reporting Tables”. The Appendices in the Guidelines contain important reference information on a wide variety of official figures, default values, conversion and expansion factors.


Specification of National Reporting Tables for FRA 2010. Available in:Arabic English French Spanish Russian 

This document contains the technical specifications of the 17 reporting tables that countries are requested to complete (to the extent possible) and submit in a country report to FAO. The detailed technical specifications of each reporting table includes the rationale, unit of reporting area to which reported figures refer and reference years for which information is to be provided. It also includes definitions and explanatory notes to all terms and categories to be reported on.

FRA 2010 Terms and Definitions. Available in English, French and Spanish.
These documents contain the terms and definitions used in the Global Forest Resources Assessment 2010 (FRA 2010). These definitions were built on earlier global assessments to ensure comparability backwards. They have been carefully modified, taking into consideration recommendations from experts in various fora.

last updated:  Tuesday, November 22, 2011