Revised Operational Mechanism for the FAO Advisory Group on Global Forest Resources Assessments

a. The FAO Advisory Group on Global Forest Resources Assessments (hereafter termed AG) will be an informal body and will constitute of not more than 20 members. Any member country of FAO, if it so desires, can send its representative to work as an observer to the AG.
b. The AG can invite experts to provide technical advice during its meetings or can invite professionals to attend its meeting as observers.
c. The AG will normally meet once a year. However, it be called, as and when required.
d. The AG can also function through email group discussions, if and when required.
e. To provide timely information and maintain transparency in its activities FAO will develop and maintain a website on the AG that will be open to public.
f. The AG will have a Secretary to manage, document and process its operations with FAO providing necessary secretariat support. The Senior Forest Officer, Global Forest Resources Assessment, FAO will function as the Secretary to AG to FRA. S/he will develop the draft and the final version of the minutes for each of its meetings. S/he will also manage the website for the AG.
g. The AG will have a Chairperson and a Co-chair for each of its meetings to be selected by its members among themselves. The Co-chair will be selected at the beginning of a meeting and will act as a Chairperson at the following meeting. Both will continue till the beginning of next meeting.
h. The Chairperson will direct the operation of the meeting and approve the minutes of the meeting (see below).
i. The draft minutes of the meeting will be drafted by the Secretary and distributed to the members of the AG for comments. Based on comments received, the Secretary will finalise the minutes and submit these to the Chairperson of the respective meeting for approval before posting the minutes on the website.
j. The Secretary to the Advisory Group will submit the minutes of the meetings to the Forest Management Team of the FAO Forestry Department for its consideration.
Other members of the AG may also submit the proceeding to the respective reviewing bodies in their organization through their normal channels of communication.
last updated:  Tuesday, November 21, 2006