Training Materials and Resources


Gender Analysis and Forestry Training package. Vicki Wilde and Arja Vainio Mattilam, FAO 1995

Gender, in Agricultural Livelihoods Source book. World Bank, FAO, IFAD, 2009
Module 15 Gender and Forestry
18 Gender and Climate Smart Agriculture

Women Organizing for Change in Agriculture and NRM, (WOCAN) 2013
Training manual on gender integrated planning in climate change and REDD +

SEAGA Field level Handbook, FAO 2001
Socio economic and gender analysis programme

Capacity Building

Gender and Inclusion Tool box, CGIAR 2014
Participatory research in climate change and agriculture

Training guide: Gender and climate change research in agriculture and food security for rural development, CGIAR, FAO, CCAFS, 2012

Handbook on safe access to firewood and alternative energy (SAFE), WFP 2012

Communicating gender for rural development: Integrating gender in communication for development, FAO 2011

Data Collection

Gender, Agriculture and Assets Project toolkit, IFPRI 2014
A toolkit on collecting gender and assets data in qualitative and quantitative program evaluations

Research guide for gender disaggregated analysis of climate change impacts and adaptation Project tool kit, IFPRI, 2015

The Gender and Land Rights Database, FAO, 2016


Time for Action: Changing the gender situation in Forestry, FAO 2006
Report of the UNECE/FAO team of specialists on gender and forestry

Global report on gender equality in public administration (GEPA), UNDP 2014

Guidance Note on Gender Sensitive UNREDD+, 2013
This has concrete examples that explain how to increase women’s engagement in participatory activities and monitoring.

last updated:  Monday, April 25, 2016