The ACSFI supports the Ministerial Call on Sustainable Wood

ACSFI Chair Ross Hampton ©FAO/Francesca BertolaThe ACSFI is an FAO statutory body composed of senior executives from the private forest sector worldwide. It provides a unique forum for dialogue between FAO and the private sector to enhance the understanding of emerging opportunities, and to identify and stimulate strategic actions by FAO, the private sector and other stakeholders that promote sustainable forest management and sustainable consumption and production patterns related to forest products.

The ACSFI strongly supports the Ministerial Call on Sustainable Wood that was launched at the XV World Forestry Congress.

The ACSFI stands ready to join forces to promote enhanced policy and technical dialogue at all levels to ensure that sustainable wood-based pathways are scaled up in the ways that the Ministerial Call on Sustainable Wood describes, to:

  • address the lack of awareness of the potential of sustainable wood-based value chains;
  • enhance global and regional policy dialogues on pathways and related synergies and trade-offs and ways to strengthen investments;
  • improve modalities to promote technical exchange, sharing of experiences and learning in order to drive innovations, from sustainable forest management and efficient wood value chains to sustainable wood use;
  • significantly increase the use of sustainable wood-based solutions within Nationally Determined Contributions by 2030.

“To meet the world’s ambitious and urgent environmental goals, including the SDGs, we will need to turbo-charge policy change that recognizes the benefits of timber and fibre products as a critical element of the transition towards a carbon neutral and resilient bioeconomy” stated the ACSFI Chair Mr Ross Hampton.

We cannot meet Agenda 2030, and in particular our climate and biodiversity ambitions, without either trees and the forest products that they provide, or the finance and investment that only the private sector can deliver, to ensure the transformation at the scale that it is needed.

The ACSFI commits to supporting efforts that ensure the sustainable supply of forest resources so that the full potential of sustainable wood can be used to build more carbon-neutral and resilient economies and progress towards more sustainable societies.

last updated:  Thursday, June 2, 2022