The International Poplar Commission (IPC) is governed by a convention adopted at the tenth session of the FAO Conference in November 1959, which established it as a statutory body within the framework of FAO. The most recent amendments to the convention were adopted in 2019.

IPC is summoned in regular sessions every four years (every two years prior to the 1977 amendments) by the Director-General of FAO, in consultation with the Chairperson of the IPC Executive Committee. It may also be convened in special sessions, if necessary. A session has normally been organized by one of the IPC member countries, after the Director-General of FAO has accepted its offer.

The Forestry Department of FAO provides the Secrétaire de la Commission. The secretary is appointed by the Director-General of FAO to provide support duties to the Commission.

The Executive Committee has [missing link label] elected in a personal capacity for a four-year term, and a maximum of five members co-opted for the same duration. All candidates are presented by member countries for their special competence. The committee meets during each session of the IPC and at least once between sessions.

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