Posters and banners

FAO has produced the graphic images below for use in promoting the International Year of Forests 2011 (Forests 2011).

Please feel free to use them alone or in combination with communication products you develop for your own Forests 2011-related activities. If you wish, you may adapt the graphics by replacing the FAO logo with your own logo.

All products are available in the official FAO languages: Arabic, English, Chinese, French, Spanish and Russian.

For further assistance in customizing posters, please contact the communications officer
Maria De Cristofaro.

Forests 2011 poster to print, pdf (588 kB), 300 dpi, 60 X 80 cm

Forests 2011 poster to print, jpg (10 MB), 300 dpi, 60 X 80 cm

Horizontal banner for web use – jpg, 120 x 812 px
Square banner for web use – jpg, 250 x 300 px

last updated:  Wednesday, March 6, 2013