The project has two main capacity building and development components:

  • a centralized training programme: consolidated capacity building activities will be organized and implemented through a collaborative effort between INPE and FAO, respectively in the Amazon Regional Center (CRA) of INPE and FAO headquarters in Rome
  • national activities in each country: FAO will implement country activities with remote support from INPE to set up Remote Sensing (RS) and GIS laboratories within governmental institutions

The project largely relies on the free distribution satellite-data policy that INPE, NASA and ESA have adopted for their earth observation satellite sensors CBERS, Landsat and the new Sentinel programmes.

This knowledge transfer and training programme will be focused on technologies developed and applied by INPE, FAO and the other project partners (FUNCATE and the University of Idaho) in the field of forest monitoring. The core elements will be:

These applications will be integrated with other tools which countries may use to tailor their national forest monitor systems to their national circumstances.

last updated:  Wednesday, January 8, 2014