NFP Facility 2002-2012: A decade of achievements


Since 2012, the National Forest Programme Facility has supported the stakeholders involvement in the forest policy process. In particular, the NFP Facility has delivered grants to the civil society for their participation in the formulation process through studies, providing a solid local level input for policy decision makers at national level. In addition, the civil society and the Forest Agencies have been involved in the implementation of concrete activities of the nfp.

The results of the 10 years of the NFP Facility are summarised in the documents below.           

Final Report  
Partner Country Reports  
 NFPs in practice  

NFPs in practice is a summary of a study based on the country inputs from the nfp focal points, the national stakeholders nfp evaluation and monitoring, and the Facility team experiences has been conducted the last 2 years to capture the lessons learnt of the nfp implementation. It presents the experiences gained and recommendations to strengthen the nfp implementation. Lessons from 10 years of NFPs in practice are also available on this page.

Next phase of the NFP Facility: the Forest & Farm Facility

The Forest & Farm Facility (FFF) was officially launched on 28 September 2012 during the 21st Session of the Committee on Forestry (COFO). Based on the lessons learnt in more than 80 countries, the experience gained by the NFP Facility shows that two complementary fronts need to be further strengthened in the countries for achieving sustainable forest landscape management.

1. Facilitating strong and equitable partnerships amongst smallholders, communities and indigenous peoples.

2. Supporting national and sub-national governments to establish multi-sectoral platforms.

This more focused support at community level - compared with the previous 10 years of broad NFP implementation - will fill a much felt gap at national, regional and international level and will complement many forestry related initiatives, like FLEGT and REDD+.

More information is available on the FFF website.

A joint initiative

The Growing Forest Partnerships (GFP) partner organisations (FAO, IUCN, IIED and WB) have collaborated to develop the FFF and will implement it jointly combining the initiatives’ strengths. The GFP has garnered three years of pioneering experience in creating partnerships between forest rights holder groups in five NFP Facility countries. 

last updated:  Thursday, July 17, 2014