nfp digests

To facilitate the search for specific information related to nfps, the nfp digests provide collections of key electronic documents from experts and various international organizations on topics related to national forest programmes. The nfp digest presents a cross section of various types of material, including subject overviews, best practice guides, case studies and policy analysis.

To date, digests are available on the following themes:

  • Institutional capacity building - In the context of national forest programmes, institutional capacity building means creating the capability for national and local level government institutions and partners to implement their proposed action plans. This digest covers a range of published resources on the topic.

  • Cross sectoral planning, coordination and conflict - Realistic and achievable forestry programmes are those which harmonise with policies in other sectors and which are consistent with a country¿s overall vision for development. This digest highlights areas where policies may interact, provides examples of best practice in policy making and introduces some integrated planning approaches.

  • Decentralization - A central theme in the forest programmes of many countries, decentralization brings an added dimension to nfp planning and implementation. This digest presents a sample of the extensive available literature on the subject.

  • Forest finance systems - Adequate financing of national forest programme components is essential in order for implementation to proceed. This digest looks at material devoted to raising funds to enable the realisation of forest programmes.

  • Forests and poverty - This digest covers Poverty Reduction Strategies and how they relate to the forestry sector. Several papers give an introduction to the subject of how forest products and services can benefit the poor. Further resources cover experiences gained from the implementation of livelihood projects over the past 10-15 years.

  • Stakeholder participationRecognized as an essential ingredient of successful national forest programmes, stakeholder participation in the planning and policy making process is very much in people's minds at present. This digest brings together guides, experiences and theory on stakeholder participation for use by practitioners and other interested groups.

  • Strategic planning: methods and practiceFor sustainable forestry development, long term vision is needed in order to take account of the future effect on forestry of gradual trends in economic, social and ecological factors. This digest covers general concepts and methodologies in strategic planning.

last updated:  Monday, December 1, 2008