The sub-regional directives for NWFP legislation in Central Africa

The directives form the mutual base for the Governments of Central African countries and propose how national policies and legal, fiscal and institutional frameworks could integrate NWFP of plant origin to allow a sustainable use of forest resources.


Right to food and NWFP

The human right to adequate food is in great demand in Central Africa. Poverty and food insecurity persists while political participation of broad segments of the populations in the national and sub-national decision-making remains weak if not absent.


Market Analysis and Development

Assisting local people in developing income-generating enterprises while conserving tree and forest resources.


Work in progress: Conceptual Framework for Sustainable Management of Non-wood forest products in Central Africa

The conceptual framework for sustainable management of NWFP in Central Africa features an approach based on the right to adequate food, sustainable forest management and the human rights principles. Main elements are described, guiding FAO’s technical assistance within the NWFP sector.


last updated:  Wednesday, January 22, 2014