Since 1953, Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations have been producing studies of the long-term outlook for supply and demand for wood and the other goods and services of the forest, as a support to policy makers and analysts, as well as civil society and private sector decision makers.

The most recent, European Forest Sector Outlook Study II: 2010-2030, was published in 2012.  Additional information about the study and follow-up activities can be found at ECE website.



Objective of the study
The European Forest Sector Outlook Study (EFSOS), is the seventh major study in the European outlook study series. It aims to provide decision makers in the forestry sector with information and analysis about long-term trends in the sector and projections of future developments.

Methodology and sources
For wood-based forest products, econometric projections of supply, trade and consumption were prepared, while for non-wood products and for services, qualitative estimates were presented. Special attention was paid to the inter-action of forest sector trends and developments in other sectors. Eight Discussion Papers present and discuss the data and analysis on which the main report is based. Almost all of the data presented and analysed were drawn from the ECE and FAO databases.
The study is based on the generous contribution over several years of sector experts and national correspondents, without whose help the study would have been impossible.

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