Forest Health Contacts

If you are looking for an expert on forest insect pests, or forest pathogens (fungi, virus, etc.), please feel free to contact the network coordinators at the emails address below.

The forest invasive species networks also manage two D-groups dedicated to forest pests in the regions. The D-groups have been created to facilitate communication within the network, allowing the participants to subscribe and share their experiences, questions and activities within a network of experts. Register to the D-group of your interest to contribute to the discussion!

Forest Invasive Species Network for Europe and Central Asia (REUFIS)

Contact the network coordinator Prof. Ferenc Lakatos

Forest Invasive Species Network for Africa (FISNA)

Contact the network coordinator Prof. Brett Hurley

Asia-Pacific Forest Invasive Species Network (APFISN) 

Contact the network coordinator Prof. Simon Lawson

Near East Network on Forest Health and Invasive Species (NENFHIS)

Contact the network coordinator Prof.  Mohammed Lahbib Ben Jamâa

For general enquiries you can also contact the FAO Forestry Officer on Forest Health and Protection Dr. Shiroma Sathyapala

last updated:  Thursday, November 18, 2021