The Democratic Republic of the Congo

The FAO supported the formulation of a national forest policy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo through a project of Technical Cooperation Programme TCP/RDC/3203

The project was signed in December 2009 and was practically terminated on October 7, by the validation of the forest policy orientation document during a national multi-stakeholder meeting. The project achieved its main expected results, namely:

  • Initiation of a participatory process for the formulation of a national forest policy;
  • Implementation of forest sector diagnostic analysis;
  • Definition of objectives and strategic choices
  • Preparation of a forest policy orientation document    

Some elements of forest policy were already in place by the time when the project started: the Forest Code (2002), a National Programme for Forest Conservation (PNFoCo) and other ongoing initiatives which were linked to forest policy. The challenge then was to introduce forest policy as a logical framework comprising the already existing initiatives and to define new perspectives. 

The process of policy definition was based on a broad participation of various stakeholders with workshops at the national and provincial levels. It was coordinated by a multi-stakeholder working group, chaired by IUCN. Such a participatory process in a very complex context of a big country, as the DRC, gave many important lessons that could be considered by other countries with similar challenges that would decide to enter into a forest policy formulation process.    



last updated:  Tuesday, February 9, 2016