Photo: M.Beqiri, FAO GCP/KOS/005/FINA technical project GCP/KOS/005/FIN, financed by the Finnish government within a Government Cooperative Programme (GCP) in support to the Implementation of the Forest Policy and Strategy in Kosovo is active since 2011. 

The forests of Kosovo, covering 40% of the land surface, have great ecological, social and economic potential, which is only marginally realized in the present circumstances. It is envisaged that if professionally and sustainably managed the forestry sector could form as much as 5% of GDP. It could also be an important source of employment for the rural poor and in general greatly improve the living conditions in the countryside. Forestry in Kosovo is facing many difficulties and the country recovery efforts require improvements in the public and private sectors for efficiency and increased productivity to make a more significant contribution to the national economy. This includes improvement of forest sector administration, institutional strengthening, comprehensive policy mechanisms, better management practices, more effective training programmes, particularly at the technical level and better human resource utilisation, greater accountability and transparency, and mainly participation in decision making that will lead to improved utilisation of forest resources on a sustainable basis for local and national well-being. A Policy and Strategy Paper on Forestry Sector Development 2010-2020 (PSP) address these challenges and forms a basis for development process in the Kosovo forestry sector. 

The project is expected to contribute to the government's efforts for implementation of recently adopted forest policy and strategy aiming at supporting the strengthening of the forest sector, reducing rural poverty and supporting the processes of democratisation, decentralisation, privatisation, institutional development and transition to an open market economy, insofar as these processes relate to the forest sector. Hence, the project's immediate objectives are to: a) Strengthen the institutional capacity of concerned institutions for implementation of the national forest policy and strategy of forestry sector development in Kosovo; b) Promote integrated forest management and practises and; c) Assess the Kosovo forestry sector adaption and mitigation capacity to combat climate changes.

The project “Support to Implementation of the Forest Policy and Strategy in Kosovo” aims at

  • Strengthening the Kosovo Government capacities to Coordinate and Implement the Action Plan (AP) as formulated in the Policy and Strategy Paper 2010–2020 
  • Upgrade and harmonize the corresponding forest legislation with new policy and strategy
  • Develop and implement an information/ communication strategy on the importance of the forestry sector
  • Support the completion of the decentralization process in forestry
  • Improve condition of degraded forests through promotion of contemporary forest management and silvi-cultural practices
  • Update information on the status of existing forest plantations
  • Improve the health of Kosovo forests
  • Increase the understanding and capacity to combat climate change in the forestry sector

The overall objective of the intervention is to increase the contribution of the forestry sector to the national economy through sustainable use of forest resources, taking into account multipurpose forestry and including the economic, social and environmental benefits as well as its contribution to climate change mitigation.

The project is implemented in a close collaboration between FOE, FOM and LEGN in the headquarters, Sub-regional Office for Central and Eastern Europe (REU) and the project office in Pristina.

* References to Kosovo shall be understood to be in the context of Security Council resolution 1244 (1999)

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