Congo-basin countries

Training workshop on forest policy development for Congo-basin countries

Since the forest policy formulation process was launched in the Democratic Republic of Congo, several Congo Basin countries expressed their wish to start their respective forest policy development processes. As a reaction to this, the FAO (SFC& FOEP), jointly with the COMIFAC and the Ministry for Sustainable Development, Forest Economy and Environment (Congo) organized a sub-regional information-training workshop for ministry officials in charge for forest policy from the Congo Basin countries, on 8-10 December 2010.






This sub-regional workshop was organized in an interactive way, combining presentations, discussions and practical work and pursued 4 objectives:

  1. To exchange experience in forest policy processes;
  2. To create a common knowledge and understanding of forest policy related concepts;
  3. To discuss a possibility of establishing a common basis for a harmonization of forest policies in the sub-region;
  4. To re- activate a platform for information exchange on forest policies in Central Africa

The sub-regional workshop on forest policy formulation was attended by 25 ministry officials and civil society representatives from 5 countries: Cameroun, The Congo, Gabon, The Central African republic and the DRC.

A field trip was organized to a peri-urban protected forest area (la Pate d’Oie ). The situation in this natural reserve was an interesting illustration of a land-use conflict that was created by an uncertainty of tenure relations and poor governance. It promoted a debate on a compromise in policy decisions in case of conflicting interests of different stakeholders.

At the end of the workshop the participants discussed how the knowledge received during workshop could be applied in their respective countries as well as at the sub-regional level. They expressed an appreciation of this regional initiative and stressed the need to re-activate sub-regional working group in forest policy and governance.

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