South-Eastern Europe and Central-Asia countries

Regional training workshop on forest policy development for Eastern Europe and Central-Asia countries

A regional information and training workshop on enhancing forest policy processes for mid to senior forest sector professionals from some of the former Soviet countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan), Balkan countries (Albania, Serbia, Macedonia) and Turkey was organised in Menemen, Turkey, on June 28-July1, 2011. The intention of the workshop was to share experiences in evolving policy development processes, discuss and analyse current challenges and to provide guidance on enhancing forest policy development processes based on international best practice.  The workshop was jointly organised by the FAO offices in Rome (FAO-HQ), Budapest (FAOSEUM) and Ankara (FAOSEC) 

The training objectives were:

1) To share experiences and critically review processes for forest policy development in the participating countries, identifying opportunities and challenges;
2) To examine the complexities of developing effective forest policy, concepts, principles and process steps and
3) To enhance practical skills in coordinating and facilitating key steps towards the development of effective forest policy.

The training was run mainly in a workshop mode, with the bulk of the training based around exercises where participants conducted practical exercises using methods from different stages in a generic forest policy development cycle.


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