Silva Mediterranea

Over 90 years of Mediterranean forest management

Working group on Forest fire

During the working session of April 2002, the Committee recommended that the rigid structure of Silva Mediterranea networks be replaced by a more flexible and dynamic structure of working groups on identified items and for a specified time frame. The working groups have a clear mandate, objective and output. The first Working Groups established were those on Forest Fires and Cork Oak.

Objectives for the period 2017-2020

This current WG1 work plan continues with some of the objectives and actions identified in previous work plans since several of them are medium and long-term objectives.
1. Enhance international cooperation:

  • Strengthen cooperation between WG1 members and other Mediterranean regions, andpromote knowledge exchange and information sharing.
  •  Promote the implementation of FAO Voluntary Guidelines on Fire Management, considering a possible review and update of the document, and promote UNISDR Fire Aviation Guidelines.

2. Integration of fire prevention in forest programs and adaptation of strategies to combat climate change:

  • Promote the implementation of the Position Paper on Wildfire Prevention in the Mediterranean (2011), considering a possible review and update of the document.
  • Promote integrated approaches on fire prevention, including fire-causes investigation and prescribed burning.
  • Share local, national and regional experiences. 

3. Promote Knowledge and training on wildfires:

  • Adaptation and dissemination of ICS in the Mediterranean.
  • Share and identify education and awareness initiatives for identified target groups.

4. Enhance harmonized information systems to deal with new wildfire risks:

  • Continue promoting the use of EFFIS and other new developments/capabilities.
  • Promote the Silva Mediterranea web page to spread and share updated information about fire prevention.

5. Cooperation with other working groups within Silva Mediterranea:

  • WG3 Forest Management and sustainable development.
  • WG5 Urban and Peri-urban Forestry.
  • WG6 Desertification and restoration.


VI Meeting of the Enlarged Executive Committee 

Regional Statement of the Mediterranean Region 

Poster of the Regional Mediterranean Wildland Fire Network 

Position Paper on Wildlife prevention in the Mediterranean 



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