Silva Mediterranea

Over 90 years of Mediterranean forest management

The Secretariat

Silva Mediterranea secretariat combines experience, motivation and competence in its team. The representatives of the team are international experts dedicated to the preservation of forests:



Dr Giovanbattista de Dato holds a Master's Degree in Forestry and Environmental Sciences from the University of Bari and a PhD in Forest Ecology from the Tuscia University (Viterbo). His research was in the area of climate change effects, initially on Mediterranean shrubland and included studies on the soil microbial community and then expanding to other ecosystem types.
Subsequently, he joined the CREA Research Centre for Forestry and Wood in Arezzo as a researcher in the laboratory of Forest Genetic Resources. Activities focused on the sustainable management of forests and forest plantations, with particular attention to forest genetic resources, biodiversity management and conservation including monitoring and developing actions in-situ and ex-situ for conservation and adaptive management.
As a loaned expert to FAO for an initial period of two years, Giovanbattista will coordinate the activities in support of Silva Mediterranea.




Giovanni Di Matteo holds a Master's Degree in Forest Sciences and a PhD ini Forest Ecology from the Tuscia University (Viterbo). In particular, he studied the eco-physiological impact of the forest managements (thinnings and clear-cuttings) in Mediterranean forest ecosystems, also with the use of stable isotopes analyses.
He initially joined the CREA Research Unit for Intensive Wood Production (CREA-PLF) to carry out research activities for the study of Mediterranean conifers in common garden trials and biomass production in dedicated crops for bioenergy purposes. Later, he moved to CREA Agriculture and Environment Research Center where his research focused on the acclimation ability of Mediterranean forest ecosystems to climatic variations induced by natural or human-driven events. He also carried out research on mapping the Mediterranean forest research capacity under the European project FORESTERRA (Enhancing Forest Research in the Mediterranean through an improved coordination and integration).
While on loan to FAO for an initial period of two years, Giovanni will provide technical and scientific assistance to support the activities of the Secretariat of Silva Mediterranea.



Lucia Rivera Lima joined the Silva Mediterranea Secretariat in 2021. She holds a BA in anthropology and sociology and a Master's degree in Development studies from the University of Paris 1 -Panthéon-Sorbonne. Lucia has previously worked with other teams in FAO as well as on youth employment at the ILO, on programme management at IFAD and with Indigenous Peoples at Slow Food International.







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