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Over 90 years of Mediterranean forest management

The 2019 Mediterranean State of the Environment and Development report

The Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention have requested the preparation of the 2019 Mediterranean State of the Environment and Development report (SoED 2019). Plan Bleu is responsible of the SoED 2019, under the supervision of the UNEP/MAP Coordinating Unit.

Aiming to become a new reference document on environment and development in the Mediterranean, the SoED 2019 will increase awareness and understanding of the environmental and development status and trends in the Mediterranean, their driving forces, impacts, and responses, facilitating the measurement of progress towards sustainable development. It will provide an up-to-date foundation for improved decision-making at all levels and enhance the delivery of the 2030 Agenda, the achievement of the SDGs, and the implementation of the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development

The SoED 2019 will synthesize disparate data into meaningful and relevant information, and communicate the results to decision-makers. It will address the following key questions: What are the state, the evolution and the trends of the environment and development in the Mediterranean region? What are their driving forces and root causes? What are the current and required policy and societal responses to the situation? The SoED 2019 will also identify priority areas for action, based on available scientific data and reliable information.

The report will be the result of a collective effort of the MAP system and its network of thematic experts and partners. Silva Mediterranea will provide its expertise as co-author of the section on forests together with other contributors. 

Contributions to the SoED 2019 are expected by November 15th, 2018. The draft report will then go through the first phase of compilation, harmonization and revision and, in a second step, will be largely consulted upon, in view of being adopted by the Conference of Parties to the Barcelona Convention in December 2019 and published early 2020.

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last updated:  Monday, February 24, 2020