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Mantova 1st World Forum on Urban Forests Outcomes

The 1st World Forum on Urban Forestry (WFUF) was held in Mantova (Italy) from 28-30 November this year. The event was organized by FAO, jointly with the Municipality of Mantova, the Italian Society of Silviculture and Forest Ecology (SISEF), and the Politecnico di Milano and had more than 600 experts from all over the world participate. The goal of the forum was to highlight positive planning, design, and management approaches that cities with diverse cultures, forms, structures, and histories have used to optimize the contribution that urban forests and green infrastructure provide in economic development, environmental conservation, improved social cohesion, and increased public involvement. Mayors, academics, foresters, landscape designers, and town planners from more than 50 countries exchanged experiences and knowledge and discussed challenges and perspectives of the cities of tomorrow. Major outcomes included the launch of the Call for Action, inviting local administrators to move towards a greener vision for their cities, and the Tree Cities of the World Programme, a scheme intended to stimulate cities to take actions towards an efficient implementation of UPF.

Michela Conigliaro (FAO)

dernière mise à jour:  lundi 24 février 2020