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The Proceedings of the Sixth Mediterranean Forest Week are now online and in open access!

Held in Brummana, Lebanon from 1-5 April 2019, the Sixth Mediterranean Forest Week investigated the role of Mediterranean forests in the realization of the Paris Agreement. The final outcome of this week, the Brummana Declaration, was just one of the major accomplishments. Indeed, in the past months, a great number of international experts and stakeholders have joined efforts to publish the proceedings of the Sixth Mediterranean Forest Week, now available in French and English. The chapters cover the following topics:

  • Implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions in Mediterranean countries and forest-based solutions to adapt the economic sector and people to climate change at landscape level;
  • Participatory approaches to create value for nature and people with non-wood forest products;
  • Monitoring and climate financing;

For more information on the proceedings, please see here.

last updated:  Monday, February 24, 2020