Classification and definitions of forest products 2022

The Classification forest products 2022 incorporates many new products, including engineered wood products, to reflect innovation and change in the forest sector.

“The structure of the forest industry has shifted significantly in the last four decades towards high value products and increasingly diverse end-uses, often driven by technological improvements and innovations,” said FAO Forestry Officer Ashley Steel.

“These changes are reflected in new classification codes, which will enable the collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of high-quality global data on forest products that is comparable across countries.” [Read more]

Classifications and standards

Classification of forest products 2022 (FAO)

FAOSTAT-Forestry Production Statistics – Data Structure 

FAOSTAT-Forestry definitions 

Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire definitions 2020(Eurostat/FAO/ITTO/UNECE) 

Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire 2020 (Eurostat/FAO/ITTO/UNECE) 

FAO's contribution to the Harmonized System nomenclature (HS2017)

New HS2022 codes for forest products 

General Nomenclature of Tropical Timber, 7th edition (ATIBT, 2016)
last updated:  Wednesday, April 6, 2022