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FAO news releases

FAO forestry-related press releases are listed below:

Post-tsunami: Demands for vast supplies of wood could adversely affect the remaining forests irrevocably (PDF 30Kb) Bangkok, 07 March 2005 - In the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami, the surge for infrastructure and housing reconstruction requires vast supplies of wood. If not managed appropriately, this demand could adversely affect the remaining forests irrevocably, an FAO statement warned today.

Atlas on tsunami damaged areas in Asia
24/1/2005. An FAO-produced atlas on areas affected by the 26 December 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia has proven to be very useful to FAO teams and to Italian and other European officials and non-governmental organizations working in the devastated zones.

Rehabilitation of tsunami affected mangroves needed
19/1/2005. Rehabilitation of severely affected mangroves would help speed up the recovery process from the tsunami, but large-scale planting should be undertaken with caution, FAO said.

Tsunamis destroyed tens of thousands of fishing boats
13/1/2005. The tsunami waves have had a devastating impact on the fisheries sector in many countries of the Indian Ocean.

FAO calls for US$26 million to help tsunami victims
6/1/2005. FAO launched an urgent appeal for US$26 million for farmers and fisher folk hit by the South-Asian tsunami disaster.
FAO assessing damage in countries devastated by tsunamis in South Asia

29/12/2004. Assessment teams are currently assessing the impact of the tsunami disaster on agriculture and fisheries to obtain information on the assistance needed.

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