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Integrated coastal zone management

Rehabilitation and management of mangroves, other coastal forests, home gardens, agroforestry shelterbelts and trees are components of an integrated approach to coastal zone management in which the needs of people in urban and rural development need to be balanced with environmental considerations and natural resources management. Issues in forestry cannot be addressed in isolation of those in fisheries, aquaculture, agriculture, infrastructure, industry, tourism and residential development. Conflicts arise when different stakeholders lay claims on land and resource and when appropriate institutional frameworks and policy and strategic planning mechanisms are not in place to balance trade offs between different interests. There is an opportunity in the reconstruction, rehabilitation and restoration processes to promote multidisciplinary and intersectoral approaches to coastal zone management. However this will require stakeholders from community levels to work together with Government (local, provincial, national), funding and technical agencies, NGOs and the private sector.

Needs for action

  • Provision of technical advice on plans for rehabilitation/management/restoration of mangroves, coastal forests, home gardens, agroforestry, shelterbelts and trees (including species selections, reproductive materials, nursery practices, site preparation, silviculture and protection) to enhance coastal zone protection and to contribute to the reconstruction of coastal livelihoods within integrated, intersectoral approach to coastal ecosystem rehabilitation.
  • Establishment of a strategic planning mechanism and institutional framework involving local, provincial and national level authorities in forestry, agriculture, fisheries and rural development and other stakeholders (communities, NGOs, private sector, funding and technical agencies) in the affected areas to provide advice on the forestry component of tsunami rehabilitation / reconstruction plans within the context of integrated coastal zone management.

Further information

Scialabba, Nadia (ed.). 1998. Integrated coastal area management and agriculture, forestry and fisheries. FAO Guidelines. Environment and Natural Resources Service, FAO, Rome. 256 p.

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