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Project work at the regional level

Plan of operations

Plan of operations for regional component of the Finnish funded "Forestry Programme for Early Rehabilitation in Asian Tsunami Affected Countries 

Regional workshops

To disseminate information on key issues and assist coordination amongst agencies and organisations working in post-tsunami rehabilitation the project is running a workshop programme, which includes the following meetings:

  • Regional coordination workshop on rehabilitation of tsunami-affected forest ecosystems: strategies and new directions, Bangkok, 7-8 March 2005
  • Tsunami at the Ministerial Meeting and the Committee on Forestry, Rome, March 2005
  • Coastal protection in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami: what role for forests and trees? Khao Lak, Thailand, 28-31 August 2006
  • Coastal forest rehabilitation and management in Asian tsunami affected countries. Bangkok, Thailand, 26 September 2006
  • Coastal area planning and management in Asian tsunami-affected countries. Bangkok, Thailand, 27-29 September 2006


The role of coastal forests in the mitigation of tsunami impacts