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Coastal forest rehabilitation workshop

Coastal forest rehabilitation and management in Asian tsunami affected countries. Bangkok, Thailand, 26 September 2006.

The impacts of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami on coastal areas in Asia have drawn attention to the role and status of coastal forests, green belts and buffer zones. In response, FAO is organizing a workshop to be held in Bangkok, Thailand on “Coastal forest rehabilitation and management in Asian tsunami affected countries”. The workshop is a follow-up to the meeting on “Rehabilitation of tsunami-affected forest ecosystems: strategies and new directions”, which was held at FAO’s Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific in March 2005.

The objective of the workshop is to exchange information on the status of post-tsunami forest rehabilitation and lessons learned, policy and programmes for coastal forest management. Affected countries’ requirements for tsunami rehabilitation and long-term coastal forest management will also be reviewed.

The meeting will bring together foresters from government departments and agencies working in coastal forest rehabilitation, conservation and management in the Asian-tsunami affected countries, as well as key national, regional and international organizations and NGOs with related programmes. The workshop is scheduled immediately before another FAO workshop on “Coastal area planning and management in Asian tsunami-affected countries”, details of which are included on this site.

Workshop concept note 
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Proceedings (Introduction, Abstracts, Recommendations)

Appendices 1 & 2 (Agenda & Participants)

Appendix 3 - Country paper - Bangladesh

Appendix 3 - Country paper - India

Appendix 3 - Country paper - Indonesia

Appendix 3 - Country paper - Malaysia

Appendix 3 - Country paper - Maldives

Appendix 3 - Country paper - Myanmar

Appendix 3 - Country paper - Sri Lanka

Appendix 3 - Presentation - Mangroves for the Future

Appendix 3 - Presentation - Green coast

Appendix 3 - Presentation - Greenbelt initiative

Appendix 4 - Individual working groups' recommendations