Field projects

The Resilient Watershed Management and Mountains Programme is involved in identifying, formulating and backstopping FAO field projects for sustainable mountain development, resilient watershed management and related subjects in developing countries and countries in transition. These include small-scale, catalytic projects under the Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP), as well as bigger projects and programmes funded by donors (FAO/Government Cooperation Programmes [GCPs]), national governments (Unilateral Trust Fund [UTF] projects) and international funds (such as the Global Environment Facility [GEF]). In collaboration with other FAO units, our programme provides technical support to these projects, mainly through staff field missions, the identification of experts and consultants, and the review of project implementation, reports and published documents.

Recently completed (blue ones) and ongoing (orange ones) field projects in which the Water and Mountains Team is involved are hereby presented.

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last updated:  Wednesday, August 5, 2020