Digital Workshop “Colours from the garden!”

Treviso, Italy, 10/07/2021 10/07/2021

The Workshop

How might you imagine the brilliant colours of fruits and vegetables in a beautiful handmade art creation?

How could creating Art from nature promote nurturing the Soul?

Fruits and vegetables are rich in dyes and some of them can be extracted in an easy way. You will feel amazed in discovering how many colour tones you can create, enough to build your own painting palette!

But you must remember: the best colours come from nature, as is.

The core message of this workshop is that Art can allow you to test the difference between fruits and vegetables in and out of season, fresh products rather than frozen ones and in their raw state rather than processed.

IYFV’s goals to be achieved:

  • raising consumers’ awareness on benefits of fresh, raw and in season fruits and vegetables and discovering biodiversity;
  • strengthening relationships between consumers and producers, favoring small on site farmers;
  • highlighting the international efforts in boosting sustainability and healthy dietary habits, with an art approach.

Join the process to extract colours from fruits and vegetables you usually don’t eat, and reflect your unique creative soul in awesome and sustainable Artwork!

What do you need to participate

To take part in the Colours from the Garden workshop, get:

  • parts of fruits and vegetables. (Please note: Don't waste good food, only use parts you don't eat!)
  • mortar, grater, muslin cloth (or other thin gauge cloth), bowls, brush, watercolour paper
  • enjoy your fruits and vegetables meal, get inspired from colours and explore your Art!

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Our short profile 

Arzy Ca’ is a non profit organization which is aimed to promote people’s creativity mindset through artistic and cultural experiences with a particular focus on resources and features of our region. 

We are based in Treviso, 30 minutes by train from Venice.

We focus on people and ecosystem needs, in Arzy Ca’ we consider sustainability and social responsibility as essential values of our mission an

d approach. Through art, we aim for multicultural connections.