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Thank you for the opportunity to provide inputs to the 2018 SOFA .

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Even though we are aware of that this is more relevant to the State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture (SOFIA), another flagship publication of the FAO, we would like to share below information since we believe that it could be useful as a reference.

In September 2017, the ILO held the Tripartite Meeting on Issues Relating to Migrant Fishers. The Meeting report which provides a basis for the discussion of the issues faced by migrant fishers and how to address those issues is available from here:

The Meeting adopted Conclusions and Resolution, which are available from below link:

According to recent ILO estimates, there are 150 million migrant workers worldwide, approximately 11.1 per cent of whom are engaged in agriculture, forestry and fishing. Migrant fishers look to benefit such as higher pay, gaining skills and experience, and better working conditions. Remittances sent back to families assist the alleviation of poverty, finance education for children and cover health care. However they are also vulnerable to various challenges, including unfair recruitment practices, discrimination and other decent work deficits. These characteristics, to a certain extent, overlap with those of agricultural and rural migration.

We look forward to seeing the contributions from this Forum in the SOFA 2018.

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Eri Uchimura