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Consultas electrónicas abiertas del HLPE

Re: HLPE consultation on the V0 draft of the Report: Agroecological approaches and other innovations for sustainable agriculture and food systems that enhance food security and nutrition

Danièle Clavel
Danièle ClavelCIRADFrance

Thank you for this sharing.

Regarding the specific question of adding a 5th critical pillar of the FSN "agency" I will advise to refer to the freedom of choice as defined by the concept of "capabilities" from Amartya Sen. This would have the additional advantage of deriving the concepts of the Ethics of Care (Gilligan, Tronto) relating to the care of others and of nature that is still very largely provided by women. Their pioneering and massive involvement in agroecology projects around the world, especially in the South, is proof of this. This could make an further reason to emphasize the critical role of women and their empowerment to realize agroecological transition.

Danièle Clavel, Cirad, France