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Consultas electrónicas abiertas del HLPE

Re: Promoting youth engagement and employment in agriculture and food systems - HLPE consultation on the V0 draft of the report

Foluke Areola
Foluke AreolaNigeria

My contributions are in reference to Question 3

The proper education and correct positioning of the mindset of youths, as to the importance of these sectors - Farming/ fisheries. Livestock rearing for food security, job creation, sources of livelihood and income is very important. There is the need to disabuse their minds that only very few and rich farmers can make a success out of these sectors. Youths need to have a sort of springboard to jumpstart them into successful practitioners in farming/ fisheries and livestock rearing. They need encouragement and support from the general disenchantment of how and where to start. The creation and provision of enabling environments for them to have access to resources such as water, land, and capital are very important. The support must extend to capacity building especially training and some form of mentorship and/or leveraging of estate developments in these economic sectors, or what is described as Nucleus Estate Initiative whereby, youths are guaranteed inputs and ready markets of their products by a well established company or an entrepreneur who will within the scheme ensure their overall welfare. The deliberate education of youth in agriculture and the introduction of these sectors in educational curricula from very early in educational systems will promote their interest in these economic sectors. Skill acquisition and introduction of new innovation such as the use of ICT, education in entrepreneurial business and solving the obvious challenges in agriculture which today in Nigeria include insecurity, quality assurance along the value chains, processing, post harvest losses, lack of value addition, markets, etc. 
Children can be allowed to work on farms not as farm laborers but to support the family occupation. This should not be at the expense of their education.