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Consultations électroniques ouvertes du HLPE

Re: Multistakeholder Partnerships to Finance and Improve Food Security and Nutrition in the Framework of the 2030 Agenda - HLPE e-consultation on the Report’s scope, proposed by the HLPE Steering Committee

Molly Anderson
Molly AndersonMiddlebury CollegeUnited States of America

In addition to roles and responsibilities, the accountability of different actors in a "multi-stakeholder partnership" is critically important.  That is, to whom are they accountable, and how do these people hold them accountable?  This is one of the issues in participation of philanthropic organizations, which set their own terms of accountability.

The other issue regards how power is made more equitable in the partnership.  Are food-insecure people and movements they join truly in the driver's seat, in determining which policies will be recommended and supported by the partnership?  Or do they have only token representation?  How is power-sharing evaluated in the partnership, and by whom?  The answers to these questions are important in determining whether a partnership accomplishes its stated goal or is just window-dressing, or a way to funnel international aid.