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Re: Food security and nutrition: building a global narrative towards 2030 - HLPE consultation on the V0 draft of the Report

Amanda Wakefield
Amanda WakefieldThe American University of RomeItaly

Food security and nutrition: building a global narrative towards 2030 - HLPE consultation on the V0 draft of the Report


Contributions from the students of the Course in Food Policy within the MA Program in Food Studies, Graduate School, The American University of Rome



In general, the draft seems to miss some of the problems that current food policy is called to deal with and to provide appropriate solutions (e.g., agri-food chain concentration and role of the private sector, indigenous knowledge associated with agriculture production, new food systems and impacts on smallholder farming activity).


There would be the need to provide more concrete examples of policy actions and possible solutions both at global and local level (the document is currently vague on the latter). To this extent, the list of initiatives are too limited: it would be useful to report more examples of policy instruments and their implementation.


With reference to the expanded definition of food security (agency and sustainability dimensions), the document should:

    • address them more deeply (e.g., it doesn’t bring up the added pillars until way later in the document), providing a more complete view of food security and the challenges that encompass it;
    • mention the concept of food sovereignty (in relation to the agency dimension);
    • discuss resilience and what it means, and discuss the various definitions of sustainability, e.g. consider environmental and socio-economic sustainability as well (in relation to the sustainability dimension).


Livestock-related problems should be stressed: for example, there is the need to consider the implications of changing diets towards a reduction of meat consumption


In the section about climate change the draft discusses how the food system will be impacted by climate change but not viveversa. More discussion about the impact of food system on climate change would be required.


Additional suggestions:

  • It would be useful to explain the concept of FSN at the beginning of the document;
  • the draft Challenges of the 6 dimensions (box 2- pg. 30) is beneficial but should possibly better highlight the complexity of the pillars and how they are all interconnected
  • Delete figure 3