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Re: Data collection and analysis tools for food security and nutrition - HLPE e-consultation on the Report’s scope

Bhavneet Bajaj
Bhavneet BajajAgriculture & Food Systems InstituteUnited States of America

To The Committee on World Food Security

I work as the Manager, Scientific Programs at The Agriculture & Food Systems Institute (AFSI). We are a nonprofit, scientific organization based in Washington DC. Our organization’s mission is to enable safe and sustainable agri-food, health, and environmental systems. We advance science for the public benefit through applied research, capacity-building, education, databases, and outreach.

Please find attached a write up on our experience that we would like to share about the Crop Composition Database, a resource on compositional data for agriculturally important crops that we believe will be relevant to the scope of the Report under consideration.

We will be happy to answer any further questions or provide more information should it be needed.