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High Level Panel of Experts open e-consultations

The HLPE consultation process

To ensure the scientific legitimacy and credibility of the process, as well as its transparency and openness to all forms of knowledge, the HLPE operates with very specific rules, agreed by the  Committee on World Food Security (CFS).

The reports are produced by time-bound and topic-bound Project Teams, under the guidance and oversight of the HLPE Steering Committee. The Project Teams are selected by the Steering Committee following an open call for interest of experts. While being compact for evident management and coordination issues, the Project team has to embrace a variety of disciplines and background experiences. 

The project cycle for the reports, in spite of being extremely time constrained, includes clearly defined stages separating the elaboration of the political question and request by the CFS, its scientific formulation by the Steering Committee, the work of the time-bound and topic-bound Project Team, external open consultations to enrich the knowledge base, and an external scientific review.

The process promotes a scientific dialogue between the Steering Committee and the Project Team throughout the project cycle, with the experts in the HLPE Roster, and all concerned and interested knowledge-holders worldwide, thriving for the involvement of diverse scientific points of view.

This is why the HLPE runs two external consultations per report: first, on the scope of the study; second, on a first draft (V0) deliberately presented – with its range of imperfections – early enough in the process, at a work-in-progress stage when sufficient time remains to give proper consideration to the feedback received so that it can be really useful and play a real role in the elaboration of the report. It is a key part of the scientific dialogue between the HLPE Project Team and Steering Committee and the rest of the knowledge community, and  opens the process to the input of all experts interested,  towards the  HLPE roster of experts (there are currently around 2000 of them), as well as to all concerned stakeholders. The contributions and input provided, including knowledge from a wide range of actors, brings a wide knowledge base to the HLPE and enables the panel to be receptive to critical input and suggestions at a cardinal stage of the report elaboration process.

A pre-final draft version of the report is then submitted to independent evidence-based peer-review. It is then finalized and approved by the Steering Committee during a face-to-face meeting.

A full list of all HLPE reports published to date can be accessed here

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