Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

In my opinion, the major barrier for the scientists and other knowledge holders across the Globe towards a sustainable agrifood system is "Patent". As most of the Inventions/Research/Technologies related to the field of Climate Change/Agriculture are patented, proper knowledge transfer and capacity building can't be fulfilled. I also strongly appeal for the Networking of all Scientists/Researchers/Agripreneurs/Traditional people on a common forum to be prepared by FAO, UN so that everyone(top to bottom) can get proper innovative knowledge and the main purpose of dissemination of talent will occur and it will definitely boost the agrifood system in a positive way.

Another point I would like to highlight here is to include the Student Scientists across the Globe who have innovative ideas through a network to be developed by FAO, UN so that we can strengthen our young generations with full of knowledge and they can also be a part of this agrifood system and can share their contributions for sustainable future.


Dr. Sarada Prasad Mohapatra

Associate Prof in Botany & Environmental Science

Narasingh Choudhury Autonomous College, Jajpur, Odisha, India