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Ms Lena Westlund (MSc University of Gothenburg, Sweden) has extensive experience from fisheries and development cooperation, especially in West Africa and South/Southeast Asia. She has lived and worked both long and short term in-country and been engaged in projects on poverty alleviation and food security in small-scale fishing and fish farming communities, including aspects of institutional development and gender equity, and promotion of participatory and integrated approaches to development and fisheries management. More recently, she has been involved with policy and has contributed to several FAO publications on, among other things, the human dimensions of the ecosystem approach to fisheries (EAF), addressing child labour in fisheries and aquaculture, tenure rights and marine protected areas (MPAs). During the last few years, she has been engaged in the SSF Guidelines development process, working closely with FAO colleagues, the CSO community and other stakeholders. Ms Westlund currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden, from where she continues to work as a consultant for FAO.